Subfolders (also known as subdirectories) are a versatile way to rewrite specific paths of your site to different origins, such as another Webflow site or platforms like Ghost or WordPress.

This feature is especially useful for integrating a blog, shop or marketplace or a separate section within your site hosted on a different platform.

Configuring a Subfolder

Navigate to your Subfold dashboard.

1. Create a Subfolder

Locate and click on the Subfolders tab in the sidebar.

Inside the Subfolders section, click on the Add Subfolder button.

2. Configuring the Path

This is the relative path where the subfolder will be created. For example, to set up a blog, you would enter /blog.

Paths must start with a forward-slash.

3. Configuring the Destination URL

This is the target destination where traffic to this subfolder will be routed. The Destination URL functions similarly to the Origin URL configured in the Settings tab but only applies to this subfolder.

If the subfolder is for another Webflow site, determining which URL to use follows the same pricinple as configuring the Origin URL - it is recommended to use a Custom Subdomain, but you can also use a Webflow Staging URL.

Read more about which URL to use here.

Use the Link Prefix option if you need to rewrite links on the page to include the new subfolder name. This step is crucial for ensuring that links within the subfolder correctly point to the new destination.

6. Save and Preview

Once you’ve configured the subfolder settings, click Save. To preview your changes, click the Preview Site button located at the top right of the screen. This allows you to test that your configuration is correct.