Getting Started

Subfold is a powerful reverse proxy built especially for Webflow sites. With Subfold you can…

  • Host multiple Webflow projects under a single domain
  • Integrate your Webflow project with other platforms, such as Ghost or Wordpress
  • Upload files to host along side your Webflow project under your domain name
  • Create multi-tenant Webflow apps with custom TLS/SSL certificates

… and much more.


How does it work?

Subfold is a reverse proxy which means that it sits in front of your Webflow site.

Subfold requires you to connect your domain name to its servers, by creating DNS records with your domain registrar or DNS provider. If your domain is already connected to Webflow, you will need to remove the Webflow DNS records and replace them with the Subfold DNS records.

Once your DNS is configured, Subfold will start forwarding traffic to your Webflow site.

Do I need to change my Webflow DNS records?

Yes. To use Subfold, you will need to replace your existing Webflow DNS records with the Subfold DNS records. Read more about connecting your domain.