The Files feature allows you to upload and host static files alongside your Webflow site under your domain name. This is particularly useful for hosting .well-known files, or creating vanity URLs for important files that need to be easily accessible.

Uploading a File

In the Subfold dashboard, find and click on Files in the sidebar.

1. Uploading a File

Click the Upload File button. Select the file you wish to upload from your device. Wait for the file to fully upload before proceeding.

2. Configuring the Path

Once uploaded, set the Path. This should be the relative path where you want the file to be accessible. For example, /downloads/my-file.pdf for a PDF file located in a ‘downloads’ directory.

Paths must start with a forward-slash.

3. Configure the Mime type field

While the Mime type is usually auto-detected, it’s important to verify that it matches the type of your uploaded file. Correct Mime type ensures that the file is served correctly to the users.

4. Save and Preview

After setting the Path and Mime type, click Save to finalize the configuration.

To check that your file is properly hosted and accessible, click on the Preview Site button located in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Navigate to the path you configured for your file and make sure you can access the file.