The Domains feature in Subfold allows customers to connect their domain to their Subfold account. This process involves adding your domain, configuring DNS settings, and verifying the connection. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to setting up your domain with Subfold.

Steps to Connect a Domain

1. Accessing Domains Section

Navigate to the Domains tab in your Subfold dashboard.

2. Adding Your Domain

Click on ‘Add Domain’. Enter your domain name. If you want your site hosted on a specific subdomain like ‘www’, include this in your entry. Ensure that ‘routing’ is set to ‘Primary’. Click ‘Add’.

3. Setting Up Domain Redirection (Optional)

If you’re using a subdomain (e.g., ‘www’) as your main domain and want the root domain (e.g., ‘’) to redirect to it: Click ‘Add Domain’ again. Enter your root domain. Select ‘Redirect’ and input the full URL to which the domain should redirect (e.g., ’’). Click ‘Add’.

4. Configuring DNS Settings

Follow the DNS configuration steps provided for each domain. This involves updating records with your domain registrar or DNS provider. Note that DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate fully.

5. Verifying Domain Connection

Once you have configured DNS settings, return to the Subfold dashboard. Click ‘Refresh’ next to the domain to check if the connection is successful.

6. Testing the Domain

After the domain is connected, test it by visiting the URL in your browser. Confirm that your site appears as expected.