After signing up for an account, you will be redirected to the Settings page in the dashboard.

The first step once in the dashboard, is to configure the Origin URL.

Configuring Origin URL

The Origin URL should be the URL to your main Webflow site. This document guides you through the two primary methods of configuring the Origin URL: using a Webflow staging URL and connecting a custom subdomain in Webflow.

These principles also apply for configuring Destination URLs for Subfolders. Read more here.

1. Using a Webflow Staging URL

You can configure the Origin URL parameter using the Webflow staging URL (the project URL ending in This method is quick and allows for immediate testing of your site without additional configuration. However, it limits the ability to test changes separately in the staging environment before publishing them to the live site. Additionally, using the staging URL means the Webflow badge will be visible, as it does not recognize custom domains.

2. Staging URL Configuration Steps

  1. Access your Webflow project settings and locate the ‘Publishing’ section.
  2. Identify and copy your staging URL.
  3. Paste the staging URL into the Origin URL field in your Subfold configuration settings.

Connecting a Custom Subdomain in Webflow

In a production environment, it is recommended to use a custom subdomain in Webflow as your Origin URL. This approach not only enhances the professional appearance of your site by removing the Webflow badge but also allows for a distinct separation between your staging and production environments. Setting up a custom subdomain involves creating a new DNS record and pointing it to Webflow, which requires a bit more effort compared to the staging URL method.

For clarity, we recommend using subfold as the subdomain name so its clear what the custom domain is for. For example, you may wish to configure the custom subdomain on your site.

Custom Domain Configuration Steps

  1. In your Webflow project settings, go to the ‘Hosting’ tab.
  2. Add your custom domain under ‘Custom Domains’ and follow Webflow’s instructions to set up the DNS settings with your domain provider.
  3. After verifying the domain connection in Webflow, use your custom domain as the Origin URL in the Subfold configuration.

For more information, visit Webflow University’s Connecting Custom Domains.

Configuring Preview URL

The Preview URL is simply the unique URL for previewing your Subfold site. This can be configured to any unique identifier that isn’t already used by another site.

You can preview your Subfold site by clicking the Preview site button in the top right corner whilst in the dashboard.